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2018-11-08 @ 12:06 a.m.

i got pretty mad at boss today, and was in a pretty shitty mood all day because there is always some kind of bullshit.

in the late summer he bought me a new SSD for my work laptop (which is my own, other laptop that i use strictly for work) and i was having trouble backing it up because the disk has so many errors, so i kept putting it off because i knew it was going to take a long time to crack. then, when i finally got a reliable image of the drive, i realized my DVD drive had broken at some point, and i didn't have a USB stick (and didn't want to buy one just for this), so there was no way to load a fresh windows nor run the startup program i needed to run to use the image.

one of boss's friends came last week (... or was it two weeks ago this current bullshit started?) and upgraded a bunch of our computers, and created a new dedicated server for our programs that do invoicing and inventory (previously JC's computer was the server and we were constantly having issues). ever since he did this, we have still had constant problems. so he's come back like 4 times now to put out various fires.

a lot of our problems stem from the fact that boss is incredibly cheap and is not the kind of person who is like hey, let me just buy something somewhat expensive yet reasonably new and reliable, because it will last longer and cost less than CONSTANTLY having to fix and repair and replace cheaper things.

this applies to like, every decision he makes, which explains why his business is in the state it's in, but is especially infuriating when applied to our technology. all of our computers are like 20 years old (well, they were before his friend came and replaced them, so now they're only like 10-11 years old), the printers never work, the fax machine is falling apart and 50% of the time doesn't send or receive anything, the scanners never want to connect to the network which is being broadcast by the original fucking linksys router from like 2001, our connections are constantly being dropped, i can go on and on. basically what i'm getting at here is that there are so many small needless aggravations on a daily basis that could easily be resolved by boss just sucking it up and spending $125 on a new printer/scanner/fax machine instead of wasting so many human minutes on trying to make the one we have work.

so boss's friend made me a win10 install usb while he was in the other night, and offered to swap my drives for me but i told him i had it under control, which i did. the system is running lightning fast compared to before. today, i go in and need the inventory program installed again and boss's nephew tried to do it but failed and was like sorry, gotta go. okay.

i called the company and they remotely connected to me and tried to install it but there was a problem and they needed me to connect them directly to our server. okay.

i go in there and boss's friend never installed a monitor, and for some reason none of the monitors we had, worked, because they're literally 20 years old and were probably incompatible. i'm like boss, can you help me out with this for a minute? i kind of can't do anything at all without it. he's like yeah yeah yeah, and kept running around and leaving and not helping me. ER tried but has no idea what he's doing, and no one else was even there today. i waited a while, then got annoyed and decided to try to see if i could figure it out on my own, then resigned myself to having wasted hours of my day after calling the company again to see if there was ANYTHING else they could do and finding out the answer was no. by time boss returned, the company helpdesk was closed.

like why does everything have to be so difficult? why doesn't boss realize that time is money? it's fucking 2018, you're a business owner. get some computers that are running something newer than windows fucking xp!

usually i can keep it in but today i was SO fucking annoyed! everything always has to be so many extra steps, so needlessly. i have to leave my office and walk outside to another one if i want to make more than 1 copy of something, or to fax something. but the computer in that office is messed up and will only PRINT to my printer, inside my office. like wtf. here's a great example that i encounter multiple times per week: if a person requests a document by email, instead of just scanning it and sending it to them like a normal fucking person, i have to get up and go outside to the office with the scanner, fight with the document feeder so i don't have to scan each page individually, manually save each page as an image file since it's so old it doesn't know about pdfs, open boss's email and email all of these separate image files to myself (there are no usb drives around and the scanner only connects to this particular computer), go back to my office and download the files, then go into photoshp to batch reduce filesize, then open a program to combine them into a pdf, THEN i can finally email it. oh, and i can only do this shit if no one is using JC's computer at the same time i need it because the scan utility will only work on his computer.

or boss could just let me go to staples, spend $125 on a new fucking combo machine, and then i would have all of this functionality right next to me, saving me probably a full hour each week.

it's just so annoying, so frustrating, and for customers who are sitting there - waiting for a fax, waiting for their invoice, waiting for us to get them a price on something - i think it makes us looks so unprofessional. it's not classy digs or anything, but i don't think that boss appreciates how much impressions matter. we want people to come in and spend thousands of dollars. who's going to want to do that when it seems like an episode of the three stooges unfolding before you as you wait to hear if you're approved for financing.

jesus christ. so anyway. it was nice to get that out of my system. boss was like wow i hope you're in a better mood tomorrow, and i said yeah wow it would be cool if you could tell this fucking dude to make sure everything WORKS tomorrow before he leaves, and before i come in so i don't start my day with dumb shit. buy newer stuff!


i'm going to go take a very hot shower and snuggle my cat in bed. serenity now. serenity now!! give me strength.