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still alive.
2022-01-05 @ 11:43 p.m.

hi, just checking in, i'm still alive.

the latter half of 2021 was utter bullshit but here i am, still alive.

it's fucking 2022. doesn't that seem absolutely absurd when you say it out loud?

i'm going to try to make a real update sometime soon, but who knows what'll happen.

honestly, there hasn't been much to say of substance. i had a lot of medical adjacent shit to deal with, then just when i thought it was finally over, and i was kind of getting back on my feet (i missed so much work because of all this), mr. big had a medical issue (he has recovered extremely well, don't worry (because i certainly did, omfg)!). then thanksgiving and christmas happened, which destroyed my savings even more, and now i am super sick. not sure if it's covid or not, but i'm not willing to go out and sit amongst a bunch of other sick people to find out. i'm not having any breathing issues or anything so i'm just staying in until i'm done with it. my fever finally broke today and the headaches/body aches went away for the most part so i can't complain. plus, mr. big has been an amazing nurse. i like to think that he knew i took care of him when he wasn't feeling well, so he's taking care of me now - he sleeps right by my side all night. this little (big) dude who was so afraid of being touched that no one would adopt him for a year now sleeps snuggled up so tight against me that i have to wake him up if i want to roll over. the power of love, and patience, and trust. <3

oh! and thank you for your note, darling! next time i'm back here, when have my wits about me, i'll connect with you. it's so important to stay connected, this kind of real connection that we share here. what a beautiful thing.

anyway, i am not fully recovered yet and do still feel like hot garbage so i'mma take me some theraflu and sleep for another 12 hours. love you <333